Fun Facts About Motorcycles

Fun Facts About Motorcycles

Interesting bike facts to amaze your friends with... by Michael Padway / Mar 16, 2018 in Moto Guides

Legend has it that the origin of the term “hog”, when referring to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, was from the early part of the 1900s Harley’s racing team, the Wrecking Crew. They had a small pig as a mascot and one of the riders would do victory laps with the pig sitting on the bike’s gas tank. In later years, HOG became the official acronym of the Harley Owners Group and is the trading symbol of Harley-Davidson on the New York Stock Exchange.

The record for the longest-ever backwards motorcycle ride was set by Dipayan Choudhury in Jabalpur, India on October 7, 2014, lasting 125.52 miles (202 kilometers).

The Isle of Mann TT (a high-speed motorcycle race) is held on closed public roads and the current lap record is just under 17 minutes with an average speed of 133.9 miles per hour (215 kph).

Motorcyclists in Indiana only have to stop for 120 seconds (2 minutes) at a red stop light. They can treat the stop light as if it were a stop sign, then proceed through the intersection cautiously. The law was nicknamed “The Dead Red” law, but officially is designated IC 9-21-3-7b-3 signed in 2015.

In 2010, Rocky Robinson used a streamliner-shaped motorcycle to set a world record for the fastest motorcycle at just over 376 miles per hour on the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

The longest distance riding a motorcycle in 24 hours is 2023.5 miles (3256.5 kilometers) and was achieved by Matthew McKelvey aka “Bushy” at the Phakisa Freeway in Welkom, South Africa, on 8 October 2014.

Did you know Steve McQueen’s famous 65 foot motorcycle jump in the movie ‘The Great Escape’ was done by stand-in rider Bud Ekins and he did it in just one take?

Only 3 states in the US do not require a helmet for any motorcyclist, while 28 states require a helmet for certain riders and the other 19 states plus the District of Columbia require a helmet for any rider (called a universal helmet law).

The longest motorcycle jump on record was set by Robbie Maddison in Melbourne, Australia, jumping 346 feet (107 m) to set the world record.

Doug Domokos was inducted in the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) Hall of Fame in 2002. He was nicknamed “The Wheelie King” and once held the record for the longest wheelie at an amazing 145 miles in length. That record stood for over 8 years.

Emilio Scotto holds the world record of the longest motorcycle ride, spanning. 10 years, 279 countries and a total distance of 457,000 miles

In 2017, California became the first state to legalize lane-splitting through the AB-51 Bill.