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The Scoop on Coffee

It’s not just about BEANS, it’s about PEOPLE

Sometimes life isn’t fair but at Biker Coffee Company, fairness is how we roll. We sell only fair trade coffee that’s certified as having been produced to fair trade standards. That means our beans come from sustainable environmental farms that enjoy improved trading conditions and prohibit child or forced labor. 

It’s also about OUR PLANET

Sustainable coffee is grown in a way that conserves nature through preservation of tropical forests, erosion control and wastewater control to prevent contamination of nearby waterways. Sustainable coffee is also grown in a way that provides better livelihoods for coffee growers and processors.

Coffee Storage

Stay away from the light! And air, moisture, and heat. These elements will degrade your beans. The most effective way to preserve fresh roasted coffee bean flavor is to store them in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature.

Acidity in Coffee

The term acidity often gets a bad rap but acidity in high-quality coffee provides balanced and crisp notes that enhance coffee’s natural flavors.

Body in Coffee

Body or mouthfeel describes how coffee feels on your tongue. It’s all about the extraction of a coffee’s oils; roast levels that bring out more oils and brew methods that don’t remove oils produce the coffees with the largest bodies.

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